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Ohio attorney fights to preserve your parental rights and time with your children

As a parent, nothing is as important as your relationship with your children. When a divorce or separation threatens that relationship, an experienced family lawyer can advise you of your rights and work to protect your parental bond. At Richard A. Karcher Attorney at Law, in Toledo, I know that child custody and parenting time issues are often contentious, requiring counsel that respects your rights and is sensitive to the best interests of your children. Drawing on more than 39 years of experience representing parents throughout Northwest Ohio in child custody cases, I will use my extensive knowledge of the state’s family law system to preserve your relationship with your children.

Experienced advocate assists with all types of child custody cases

In Ohio, there are two types of custody: legal and physical. Legal custody gives parents the right to make important decisions about the children, such as where they will go to school, what religion they will be brought up in and what type of medical care they will receive. Physical custody refers to which parent the child lives with. One parent may be awarded sole custody or they may have joint custody, of either type. It’s best when parents can agree to an arrangement that works for them, but when agreement can’t be reached, one parent can petition the court to determine custody rights. When the court makes this decision, it considers many factors, including:

  • The geographic location of each parent
  • The relationships between the children and other family members
  • Financial ability of the parties to raise the child
  • The earning capacity of each parent
  • Mental and physical health of all involved parties
  • Children’s adjustment to school, home and community
  • Any history of abuse, neglect, substance abuse or domestic violence
  • The wishes of the child

In all custody cases, the court considers what is in the best interests of the child when evaluating these factors. The court also considers these factors when one parent is seeking to relocate out of state with the child by determining whether the move will have a detrimental effect on the relationship between the child and noncustodial parent.

As a seasoned litigator, I will fight vigorously to protect your parental rights and prove to the court why you are seeking the relevant child custody arrangement.

Dedicated counselor fights for visitation rights

Noncustodial parents can assert their rights to have frequent and continuing contact with their children through visitation, known as parenting time in Ohio. The state recognizes that it is typically in a child’s best interests to have a continuous relationship with both parents, unless contact by either parent is deemed detrimental to the child. As an experienced family law attorney, I will advocate on your behalf and help you to negotiate a schedule that you and your child’s other parent can agree on. When you can’t agree to a parenting time schedule, however, the court will determine a schedule, based on the county standard schedule or guidelines. My firm also assists grandparents in establishing grandparent visitation rights so that they are able to retain an important connection to their grandchildren when the parents’ relationship ends through divorce, dissolution or legal separation.

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